Friday, June 24, 2005

2nd Fitness Test

Okay I was unable to get my weight for the firness test because I do not own a scale and I don't go to the gym anymore... but I dont even feel that great about my weight this week I feel all bloated... blah

Weight: 128...same I guess... not sure

butt: 39'' (lost 1'')
waist: 30'' (same)
thigh: 20'' (same)
bust: 36'' (same)

Bah I am really frustrated because I have been working out everyday and really cut back on what I have been eating and eating lots of veggies and I feel plump... and I dont feel like I really want to get into a bathing suit anytime soon... bah

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

1st Fitness Test

Here's my update after my first Fitness Challenge for Yourself Fitness. So I have lost 3 pounds
and 3'' off my waist!! So it's working and I am staying motivated, I have only missed a day or two due to heavy work hours.

Weight: 128

butt: 40''
waist: 30''
thigh: 20''
bust: 36''

I gotta keep it up!!

Saturday, June 04, 2005


I have started a new job about a month ago now and I just feel like I am never going to be good at it. I just don't have the quick answers to things and thats what you need in this job. I hate not feeling like I am doing a good job... I am trying hard but I don't know where or what I am suppose to be doing most of the time. I just feel so lost. I have beentrying to get more sleep at night so my mind is more alert during the day buy I still can't seem to cut it... I hate this feeling. Well I have the rest of the summer to figure it out. I guess I should just be positive and keep on trying, I won't get anywhere giving up. I will check in later with an update.