Sunday, May 29, 2005


So I am keeping on track with the new ourself Fitness but I don't think its enough. I need to keep ohn going to the gym and get my butt in gear if I wanna look good in my swim suit in July. That also means I need to cut out all the junk and drink lots of water. My goal is to drink 2-3 L of water a day.

So these are my Goals

1. Work out everyday
2. Drink water (2-3L a day)
3. Sleep by 10pm

Friday, May 27, 2005

First Yourself Fitness Workout

OKay so I am going to be tracking my weight loss progress on this blog to keep me motivated.

So I started Yourself Fitness today (a great computer program).

Weight: 131

butt: 40''
waist: 33''
thigh: 21''
bust: 36''

Here I go!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Is it just me??

Okay do you ever reach a point where you feel like you have a grip on reality and also feel like you may have completely lost your mind all at the same time?? I get upset about something but then I can;t make up my mind if its rational to be upset about it.. when enough is enough or if I am just being a drama queen? How do you really know? I keep on thinking to myself that I need to see a professional. I wouldn't say it affects mt everyday life or anythin so maybe I am just tryign to make a mountian out of a mole hill.. See what I mean? I consider myself to be a very strong, confident and driven person but when it come to certain aspects of my life I am a complete wreck and I dont knwo right from wrong. Anything little thing could set me off and its like all the good things erase from my memory. I am suprised my boyfriend can even keep up with my emotions sometimes... If I stop and take in some deep calming breaths it can relax me but doesn't really address the root cause of my problem. Do I just keep on living my life hoping things will fall in place or do I talk to someone about it and see what I can do to fix it?

Vacation Countdown

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I had one of those moments at work today that make fills up your confidence. I have started this new job about 3 weeks ago and it's been quite a challenge. Today, one of my fellow co-workers approahed me and said she saw my picture in the office of the student recuiters (they keep pictures of all the current students) and asked the student recuiter (Karen Fracz) about me. My co-worker said "You know Katie?" and Kren said "She's one of the sharpest students we have."

I just about melted!! All my hard work is worth it. I always think I am not doing good enough and it's so great to hear it from some one. I needed some confirmation and my progress. some feedback.

People in my industry never give you enough feedback or custructive crtizism. They just let all you mistakes or faults muster and nothing gets resolved and you don't know where to improve yourself.

So today was one of those good days, I will remember when I have one of those bad days.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

My Dream Car

This is my dream car. The SMART car. I have been following the making of this car since my first trip to the United Kingdom 8 years ago. I have already visited the dealership even though I won't be buying a car until I finish school and come back from being overseas. Posted by Hello

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This is me at my old house playing around with my web cam :) Posted by Hello

First Blog Post Ever!!!

So, I have just heard about this whole blog thing and though I would try it out. I just hope my life is exciting enough to be worthy of a blog. This will be a great way to keeo my friends and family in touch while I am away doign work terms or travelling.

So here I go...