Friday, May 27, 2005

First Yourself Fitness Workout

OKay so I am going to be tracking my weight loss progress on this blog to keep me motivated.

So I started Yourself Fitness today (a great computer program).

Weight: 131

butt: 40''
waist: 33''
thigh: 21''
bust: 36''

Here I go!!!

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. Italia said...

The rest breaks can be tedious but it usually gives me a chance to get my stepper, workout mat or weights together, in front of the computer, before the next exercise. I like all the music so far and don't care where Maya works out since I'll still be at home doing the same exact exercises anyway. I don't know if I will stop going to the gym altogether, but there is a possibility. Males, if they wanted to be muscular yet lean, could use Yourself Fitness to their benefit if they used heavy enough weights.