Thursday, January 06, 2011

What I am Proud of Today...

So with January being well on its way, the lingering talk of resolutions gets dim as each day passes. We all make promises to ourselves or loved ones in the glimmering light of the new year's ball and find ourselves making excuses for our failed resolutions over the next coming weeks.

I have decided to acknowledge all I am proud of so far even if I have not been 100% perfect or been able to accomplish all the resolutions I stated at the end of 2010

- I have not driven to work since the new year started, thus saving money!
- I have been on the Wild Rose D-Tox for three days, nine more to go!
- I have been at work before 8:45am everyday to ensure I do not miss my morning meeting.
- Been in bed by 9pm to wind down for the night and get shut eye by 10pm

Not too bad, I could now list a bunch of things I also promised on New Year's Eve that I haven't accomplished but I don't think that would be productive. Instead I am going t celebrate my successes to date!